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A MODEL Charter School Business Office (CSBO) will INCREASE the quality education by 100%.

A POORLY run CSBO one can cause the charter to be REVOKED and the doors CLOSED.

90% of all Charter closures are due to underperforming Business Officers, not underperforming students.

The demand for Public Charter Schools is growing every day.  The demand for successful GROWING public charter schools is in the news daily.  A successful charter school is made up of two interlocking puzzle pieces

Model Business Operations + Stellar Academics = Charter School Success

Charter School Success (CSS) serves to provide the services, training and competencies to mobilize all available resources and raise every charter school business office to a MODEL status. 

Every business officer has a direct impact (positive and/or negative) on the educational programs at their charter school.  The role, responsibilities and competencies of a charter school business officer are  diverse, complex, and extremely critical to the success of the charter school.

The ROLE of a Charter School Business Officer (CSBO) is to efficiently allocate resources to educational programs, thereby enhancing the quality of the education at their charter school.  The CSBO is a key member of the charter school leadership team.

The RESPONSIBILITIES of a CSBO are diverse and complex as indicated by the following non-enclusive list of those typically performed and/or managed by the CSBO.

  • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Accounts Payable
    • Budget
    • Capital assets
    • Cash flow management
    • Financial reporting
    • Grant writing
    • Internal audits and  compliance
    • Investment Management
    • Purchasing Mgmt. and compliance
  • Facilities
    • Facility Planning
    • Emergency and Disaster Planning
    • Insurance and Risk Management
    • Lease/Purchase decisions
    • Plant operations and maintenance
    • Records Management
    • Safety and Security
  • Human Resources
    • Employment
    • Benefits
    • Staff Development
    • Payroll
    • Staff Assessment
  • Student Services
    • Food Service
    • Textbook order and distribution
    • Transportation
    • Registrar and enrollment
    • Attendance
    • Nurse
  • Marketing/Public Relations
    • Visibility
    • Reputation management
    • Communications Plans

These numerous, diverse, and complex responsibilities of a CSBO lead to a set of necessary competencies such as:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication (verbal and written)
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning
  • Computer
  • Financial
  • Negotiation
  • Management
  • And be driven by Continuous Improvement!

The services provided by CSS will provide the CSBO with the skills necessary to take their charter school to the next level.

The CSBO is in a unique position to recognize opportunities for operational improvement and implement practical measures to deliver educational services more efficiently.   In order to maximize the impact of the business office and allow school leadership to focus on student success the school must find the right team of resources and personnel to fulfill the demands of the business office. 

Let us help you determine the needs for your Charter School Business Office. We provide services for the financial and accounting functions, as well as workshops and webinars on specific topics.  We also have an intensive certification program that will guarantee to raise your charter school business office to the MODEL level.  Please visit our services page, then call  or email us to discuss how we can help you allocate more funds to the academic endeavors of your charter school.


"Working with Charter School Success enabled us to submit a stronger charter application to the State of Texas and increased the likelihood that we will be awarded a charter. We also strengthened our understanding of and plan for school operations because [Karen] generously shared her experience from many years of working in and with schools."

-Sara Cotner, CEO at Montessori for All. 1 of 4 newly awarded charters in 2013.


"Karen Mowbray did an excellent job of providing [our] Board Members with analysis of actual charter performance, financial reporting and academic achievement. Without her comprehensive analysis and easy instruction, the new board members would likely have considered these important topics as issues for 'another day' rather than being able to incorporate them into their thinking on Day One."

 -Cheryl Lawson, Superintendent at WALIPP


"Charter School Success has provided many tools and templates to use that have enables our Charter School to stay focused and monitor the things that can create problems if left unattended."


-Sandy Cavazos, Business Officer at Ignite Public Schools

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